SX Alerting

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SX Alerting

Based on our experience customers very rare check Magento logs for unpredictable errors. However, Software works in the way when time to time some modules may produce errors. These errors may cause different permanent or temporary issues with a web site functions like checkout, registration, processing orders, etc. And as a result these errors may cause troubles for end clients to use a web site or even block checkout process, which is a loose of profit for a web site owners.

This module helps to avoid such unpredictable cases. This module is easy to install and it does not break any other functionalities, it does not conflict with any third party modules and it does not make any changes to UI. It only adds an additional cronjob task, which in the background reads Magento logs from the server every 10 minutes and if there is any new issue detected it sends a report to administrator's email, which might be addressed to a responsible person and fixed immediatelly. Additionally, once a week, it sends a summary report with all the issues detected during a week. This allows quickly detect problems and potential vulnerabilities which increases the stability of the site.


  • Allow easily enable/disable the module from Magento Admin
  • Allow enter a responsible person email address for getting reports
  • Automatically reads magento exceptions log
  • Detects new issues
  • Sends immidiate email reports to an administrator
  • Sends a weekly summary email report to an administrator


Stores → Configuration → SKYNIX → Skynix Error Email Settings

Choose "Skynix Error Email Settings" - yes for the configuration.

Release Notes:
Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.3 2.4
Stability: Stable Build



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