SX Admin Actions Logging

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SX Admin Actions Logging

Based on our experience very often customers hire admins and managers for their stores and want know what they do with their Magento admins. Sometimes, when something changed and no one knows who changed that piece of data. This module will let keep control over Admin area of Magento.

This module is easy to install and it does not break any other functionalities, it does not conflict with any third party modules and it does not make any changes to UI on storefront. It only adds an additional section in admin where a site owner can read log entries.


  • Allow easily enable/disable the module from Magento Admin
  • Allow read log entries in admin
  • Log Admin logins/log outs
  • Log Stores → Configuration changes
  • Log Categories changes
  • Log Product changes
  • Log Content changes
  • Log Users changes


Stores → Configuration → SKYNIX → SX Admin Actions Logging

Enable the module

Release Notes:
Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.3 2.4, 2.5
Stability: Stable Build



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